Create a project

  1. Log in with your admin or PM account.

  2. Go to the Projects tab and click Create.

Projects tab
  1. Fill out the form, select files, and submit.

Project form

Once all files are processed and if there are no errors, a project analysis will be run. When the analysis is ready, the project will be moved to the Ready for Translation stage. To move on, you’ll need to assign team members as translator/reviewer for the files.

Assign team members

  1. Log in with your admin or PM account.

  2. Open the project and tick the checkboxes for the file(s) you wish to assign to a team member. No ticks means all files.

  3. Right click anywhere on the page and select the appropriate function based on whether you wish to assign the team member as a translator or reviewer.

Files context menu
  1. Enter the username of the team member and submit the form.

Assign team member form