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Google Cloud Console Cloud Shell


You may need to set up a project for this to work; however, you won’t be asked for billing information, or charged. You will be using your weekly GCP Cloud Shell quota.

1. Head on over to and click Activate Cloud Shell at top right corner and wait for your Cloud Shell machine to be provisioned.

Activate GCP Cloud Shell
  1. Run a Kaplan Cloud container:

Run a Kaplan Cloud container
docker run -d \
-p 8080:8080 \
--name kaplan-cloud-demo \
  1. Create a superuser account:

Create a superuser account
docker exec -it kaplan-cloud-demo python createsuperuser
  1. Click Web Preview and then Preview on port 8080

Web Preview button
  1. You should see the login page. You might need to give it a moment.

Web Preview login page
  1. Log in with your credentials and give Kaplan Cloud a try!

Web Preview homepage